Key Dates for Ricardians

Memorable dates in January

Jan 5th - Charles the Bold killed at Nancy 1477 Jan 7th - Demolition began of old Bow Bridge in Leicester in 1861. This was the bridge over which Richard III passed on his way to Bosworth Field in 1485 Jan 15th - Richard Duke of York (son of Edward IV) married Anne Mowbray 1478  Jan 18th – Henry VII married Elizabeth of York 1486
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Henry VII (see Jan 18th, 28th)
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Memorable dates in February

Feb 2nd - Battle of Mortimer’s Cross 1461  Feb 3rd - John of Gaunt died in Leicester Castle 1399 Feb 4th - Leicester University confirmed, beyond reasonable doubt, that remains found in the Greyfriars site in August 2012 were those of King Richard III 2013 Feb 9th - Beaufort’s legitimation 1397 Feb 10th - Beaufort’s legitimation confirmed; ‘excepta dignitate regali’ 1407 Feb 11th - Elizabeth of York b.1466.  d.1503 Feb 16th – Sir William Stanley executed 1495                                                             Feb 17th – 2nd Battle of St. Albans 1461 Feb 18th – George Duke of Clarence executed 1478
Jan 23rd - Titulus Regius passed by parliament 1484 Jan 28th – Henry Tudor born 1457. Henry VIII died the same day in 1547
George, Duke of Clarence (see Feb 18th)

Memorable dates in March

Mar 11th - John of Gloucester appointed Captain of Calais 1485  Mar 14th - Edward IV and Richard landed at Ravenspur 1471 Mar 16th – Richard’s Queen, Anne Neville, died 1485 Mar 23rd – Margaret of Anjou born 1429  Mar 25th – ‘Love Day’ Procession 1458  Mar 26th – Re-interment of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral 2015
Mar 29th – Battle of Towton 1461 

Memorable dates in April

Apr 2nd – Prince Arthur died 1502 Apr 3rd – Richard Duke of York declared Protector for the duration of Henry VI’s incapacity 1454 Apr 9th – King Edward IV died 1483. Edward of Middleham, son of Richard III, died 1484?
Apr 14th – Battle of Barnet. Richard and John Neville killed 1471 Apr 21st – Henry VII died 1509 Apr 22nd – Marriage of Henry VI to Margaret of Anjou at Titchfield Abbey, Hampshire 1445 Apr 28th – King Edward IV born 1442
Edward IV (see Apr 9th, 28th)

Memorable dates in May

May 1st – Edward IV secretly married Elizabeth Woodville 1464 May 3rd – Cecily Neville, Duchess of York born 1415  May 4th - Edward of Lancaster killed at the Battle of Tewkesbury 1471 May 15th – Battle of Hexham 1464. Henry Beaufort executed May 21st - Henry VI died in the Tower May 22nd - 1st Battle of St. Albans 1455
May 24th – Lambert Simnel crowned in Dublin 1487  May 26th – Elizabeth Woodville crowned in Westminster Abbey 1465 May 27th – Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury executed 1541 May 30th – Marguerite of Anjou, wife of Henry VI, crowned 1445 May 31st – Margaret Beaufort born 1443 May 31st – Cecily Neville, Duchess of York died 1495

Memorable dates in June

June 8th – Elizabeth Woodville died 1492 June 11th – Anne Neville born 1456 June 16th - Richard Duke of York left sanctuary to join his brother in the Tower 1483 June 24th – First extant letter of Richard III, requesting a loan of £100. 1469 June 25th - Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers executed 1483 June 26th - Richard accepted the crown and dated his reign from that day 1483 June 26th - Richard's Statue, cleaned, refurbished and installed in the Cathedral Gardens 2014 June 28th - Edward IV crowned 1461 June 28th - Henry VIII born 1491 June 29th – Margaret Beaufort died 1509
June 30th – Eleanor Butler died 1468
Margaret Beaufort (see June 29th)

Memorable dates in July

July 6th – Coronation of King Richard III and Queen Anne 1483 July 10th – Battle of Northampton 1460 July 11th  - George Duke of Clarence married Isabel Neville 1469 July 21st – Henry Percy ‘Hotspur’ killed at the Battle of Shrewsbury 1403 July 25th  – Anne Neville betrothed to Prince Edward, Henry VI’s son, at Angers 1470 July 26th - Richard III Visitor Centre opens in Leicester 2014 July 31st – Statue of Richard III unveiled in Castle Gardens, Leicester by HRH Princess Alice 1980

Memorable dates in August

Aug 12th – Henry VI’s remains were taken from Chertsey Abbey and re-interred in St George’s Chapel, Windsor 1484 Aug 17th – Richard D. of York, son of Edward IV born 1473 Aug 22nd – Battle of Bosworth Field. King Richard III slain in battle 1485 Aug 25th – Margaret of Anjou died 1482
Aug 30th – Louis XI, ‘the Spider King’ died 1483. Charles VIII succeeded him Aug 31st – Henry V died 1422
Margaret of Anjou (see Aug 25th)

Memorable dates in September

Sept 5th – Isabel Neville born 1451 Sept 5th - Skeleton exhumed from the Greyfriars and taken to Leicester University for identification 2012 Sept 8th – Richard and Anne’s son Edward created Prince of Wales 1483 Sept 12th – Media informed that the preliminary examination of the skeleton exhumed on September 5th had taken place. DNA results were awaited for confirmation 2012. Sept 15th – Cardinal John Morton died 1500 Sept 21st – Richard Duke of York born 1411
Sept 23rd – Battle of Blore Heath 1459  
Richard Duke of York (see Sept 21st)

Memorable dates in October

Oct 2nd – King Richard III born 1452 Oct 12th – Richard created Admiral of England, Ireland & Aquitaine 1462 Oct 19th – The Great Seal is delivered to Richard III at noon in ‘King’s Chamber’ at the Angel Inn in Grantham 1483 Oct 21st – George Duke of Clarence born in Dublin Castle 1449 Oct 25th – Battle of Agincourt 1415 Oct 30th – Henry VII crowned 1485 Oct 31st – Richard Duke of York proclaimed Henry VI’s heir by parliament 1460
Richard’s re-interment (see Mar 26th)
1st Battle of St Albans (see May 22nd)
Richard’s statue (see July 31st)
Elizabeth of York(see Nov 25th)
Battle of Agincourt (see Oct 25th)

Memorable dates in November

Nov 2nd – Edward V born 1470  Nov 2nd - Duke of Buckingham executed 1483 Nov 3rd – Edmund Tudor Earl of Richmond died 1456 Nov 6th – Henry VI crowned, aged 8, in 1429 Nov 18th – Caxton printed the first book in English, in England in 1477. It was Earl Rivers’ translation of ‘The Dictes and Sayings of the Philosophers’. Nov 19th – Bow Bridge in Leicester destroyed by floods in 1791 Nov 22nd – Richard Neville (Warwick the Kingmaker) born 1428 Nov 23rd – Perkin Warbeck executed 1499    Nov 25th – Elizabeth of York crowned 1487 Nov 28th – Edward Earl of Warwick executed 1499

Memorable dates in December

Dec 6th – Henry VI born 1421 Dec 10th – Anne Mowbray born 1472                                    Dec 13th – Anne Neville married to Prince Edward at Amboise 1470 Dec 16th – Henry VI crowned King of France, in St. Denis, Paris 1431 Dec 22nd – Isabel Neville, Duchess of Clarence died 1476 Dec 30th – Battle of Wakefield: Richard Duke of York and his son Edmund Earl of Rutland killed 1460
Henry VI (see Dec 6th & 16th)
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