‘Richard’s Story in Art’

Kirsteen Thomson told us about painting the places associated with Richard III. Before commencing a painting Kirsteen always visits the site and researches the people who have lived there.

Kirsten had a gallery exhibition during reinternment week at the Guildhall, displaying many of her works of art.

She showed us a video of the exhibition, that included interviews with a few famous faces. There were a few branch members in the video as well I noticed.

Kirsten also passed around a few copies of her book ‘Richard III His Story’  that included many of her paintings along with an account Richard III’s life and the  history of the buildings she painted

Her work and the exhibition video are available to view at her website; http://www.kirsteenthomson.co.uk

Also Fred Brookes from Leics. County Council gave a short presentation. The plan is to commission artworks in the locations around Bosworth Battlefield area illustrating events of 1485.